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Breast Augmentation & Mastopexy

This 43-year-old woman was referred by a friend to the office of Dr. David Sayah because she was unhappy with the way that her breasts looked. The patient was concerned with the droopiness of her breasts and wanted to discuss the options of a breast lift as well as a breast augmentation surgery.

During her consultation with Dr. Sayah, the patient explained that after having three children she felt that she had lost fullness in her breasts. In addition to having children, the patient had lost 50 pounds over the past two years and said that a large portion of the weight had disappeared from her breasts. Dr. Sayah examined the patient and suggested that she combine the procedures to have a breast augmentation and mastopexy surgery. In combination the procedures could both improve the shape and size of her breasts. By the end of the consultation, the patient felt confident in booking surgery for a breast augmentation and mastopexy.

In order to lift the breasts, Dr. Sayah made a very thin vertical incision on each breast and around the areola. He then placed 400 cc smooth round silicone implants through the incisions made around the patient’s nipples and then placed under her breast muscles.

As you can see in her “after” photo the patient’s cup size has been increased to a full C cup. The patient is very happy with the outcome of her surgery and says that her breasts are perkier and more youthful.

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