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Breast Lift

This 31 year-old woman was referred by a friend and past patient of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Sayah for a breast lift (mastopexy). After two pregnancies and the birth of two children, the patient was unhappy with the appearance of her breasts. During her consultation she expressed a desire for more uplifted breasts and explained that she had noticed a progressive ptosis of her breasts after each pregnancy leaving her with what she felt were “drooping breasts”.

Women who have had children often express concern over the loss of elastin in the skin surrounding their breast tissue and feel self-conscious about the changes in their breasts’ appearance, especially after multiple pregnancies. After spending time with the patient, Dr. Sayah agreed that she would benefit from a breast lift and booked the surgery for a bilateral mastopexy.

The "after" photo you see above was taken about 4 months after her surgery and the patient is very happy with her results. As you can see the nipples have been elevated and liposuction was performed on each breast to ensure symmetry. As a mother of young children she feels the surgery has improved her confidence and overall positive body image.

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