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Male Breast Reduction

This 22 year-old man sought the council of Dr. David Sayah with complaints about the size and weight of his breasts. Even after weight loss and exercise the patient was still bothered by his enlarged breasts and the appearance of his chest. Gynecomastia or male breasts are a more common occurrence than often perceived in the male population. Men with Gynecomastia often feel insecure about the size and the softness of the tissue covering their pectoral muscles. The patient felt embarrassed by the way his chest looked and confided that because of the way his breasts looked he avoided shirtless activities. He desired a less fatty and more sculpted pectoral area.

During his consultation with Dr. Sayah the young man explained that his breasts had begun to grow and take shape since the onset of puberty and had remained in spite of diet and exercise. The doctor reviewed his health and work-out regimen and noted that the patient was otherwise healthy and had muscle tone. After advising him about his options Dr. Sayah and the patient agreed that liposuction and removal of breast tissue was the best course of action.

As you can see, the patient’s chest is more defined post-surgery. The removal of the excess breast tissue has given his chest a more toned and flat appearance. He is very happy with the outcome of his surgery and feels that the flatness of his chest following his liposuction procedure gives him a more toned and masculine appearance.

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