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Breast Augmentation

This 35-year-old woman came to our Beverly Hills office for a consultation for breast augmentation. She wanted to increase her breast size from a size 36A to a large C or even D cup.

During her consultation with Dr. David Sayah, the patient explained that she wanted large breasts but worried that if she went too big her breasts would look unnatural. Dr. Sayah explained that different implant profiles will result in different looks. Together they discussed the different shape and placement options for her implants and reviewed which type would be best for her according to the ideal outcome that she described. By the end of her consultation, the patient booked surgery for breast augmentation at our Beverly Hills facility. She chose bilateral breast augmentation with 375 cc smooth round saline implants, each to be inserted through an incision made under her arm and then placed beneath her breast muscle.

As you can see in the patient’s “after” photo, she has increased her cup size to a full C. She is very happy with the results of her surgery and says that her breasts look larger but natural.

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