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Breast Augmentation

This 31-year-old woman sought a consultation with Dr. David Sayah at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery facility to discuss the details of a bilateral breast augmentation. The patient is a mother of small children and had noticed a dramatic decrease in her breast tissue following pregnancy. She felt that after nursing her children her breasts looked stretched out and “empty.”

During her consultation with Dr. Sayah, he explained that oftentimes pregnancy and breastfeeding may change the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Producing milk creates a denser tissue in the breasts that may shift or decrease after breastfeeding, leaving many mothers with drooping or sagging breasts. He agreed that the patient would benefit from a breast augmentation to restore fullness to her breasts. He counseled the patient on different size and profile options and discussed locations for incision and insertion. The patient chose to book surgery for bilateral breast augmentation with 350 cc moderate plus saline implants to be inserted through an incision made under the armpit and placed beneath the breast muscle.

As you can see in the photo above, the patient’s breasts are full and ample after surgery. The patient is very happy with her results and feels confident in her appearance.

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