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Beverly Hills Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Discover Your Ideal with a Beverly Hills Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

If you have always wanted to have bigger and fuller breasts, Simply Breasts offers a viable alternative to breast implants through our breast augmentation with fat transfer or grafting. Through the special skill and experience of our Beverly Hills breast augmentation surgeon you can enhance the shape and size of your breasts and enjoy a natural look and feel without having silicone gel or saline implants.** With over a decade of experience, we are dedicated to helping you augment your appearance naturally.

  • Our fat transfer breast augmentation involves the following steps:
  • Removal of excess fat via liposuction,
  • Processing the fat to remove impurities and
  • Concentrate stem cells
  • Re-injecting the fat and stem cells into the breasts

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of our breast augmentation procedure using fat transfer is that it involves using your own tissue. Put simply, it offers the most natural alternative to implants. In addition, there is no risk of implant deflation or leakage when you choose fat transfer augmentation. Fat transfer breast enlargement has become increasingly popular, especially for women who are seeking a subtle enhancement result.

  • The fat transfer breast augmentation procedure serves two purposes:
  • It gives you larger, fuller breasts.
  • It simultaneously slims areas of the body that have excess fat.

Typically, fat transfer breast augmentation is preferred by women who want to improve the appearance of smaller breasts. It is also an option after a reconstruction procedure to treat breast cancer or to repair implant-related issues, such as visible wrinkling or rippling of an implant. In these cases, fat transfer can soften the overall look of the existing breast implants by blurring the line between the breast tissue and implant. All candidates for fat transfer breast enlargement must have a sufficient amount of fat that can be harvested and processed for re-use, so the procedure may not be the best choice for women who are very thin.

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Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

After a consultation with your surgeon, in which you will discuss your desired breast shape and size, your doctor will decide whether the fat transfer procedure is right for you and if so, schedule you for breast augmentation surgery. The procedure is carried out on a specially designed table in our ambulatory facility. You will be given general anesthesia at the beginning of the procedure so that you rest comfortably during surgery.

Our breast augmentation via fat transfer involves two steps: harvesting and injecting procedures. The fat cells are acquired through a syringe using a liposuction technique and are then processed for transplantation. This purification process involves eliminating lipids, anesthetics, and medical fluids from the fat so as to obtain healthy fat cells devoid of other tissue. This method reduces the likelihood of transfer of unwanted material with the fat while increasing the likelihood of successful cell transfer because the purer the injected substances, the better the yield of fat cells.

Once processed, the fat cells are meticulously injected in dozens of small injections into the breast tissue, between the chest wall and skin of the breasts. Similar to a three-dimensional dot matrix, this “micro fat grafting” approach helps your surgeon carefully sculpt your breasts as desired.

After Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

As a minimally invasive method of our breast augmentation, this procedure does not require a long hospital stay. The procedure may take longer than traditional breast enlargement methods since it involves harvesting and preparation of delicate fatty tissue. Harvesting and placement of fat cells usually take around two to three hours based on the extent of liposuction necessary to harvest the required volume of fat.

Recovery is easier than breast augmentation using implants. After the procedure, you will continue to see improvement in the weeks to come, as the implanted fat gradually becomes part of your breasts. It can take six months or more for the full results to show up after a fat transfer procedure. You can expect to see improvement in your breast size and volume as long as you keep your weight stable. Since the results are permanent, the implanted fat will continue to evolve naturally with your body.

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*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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