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Breast Reduction with Lift in Beverly Hills

Achieve Your Ideal with a Beverly Hills Breast Surgeon*

A breast reduction removes excess skin and tissue to create a smaller volume, while a breast lift helps reshape the remaining tissue into a youthful, higher placement. Combining these two procedures at our Beverly Hills breast surgery center can deliver beautiful, lasting results.* With over a decade of experience, Simply Breasts has become familiar with the common reasons for breast reduction surgery.

  • This procedure is best for women in who are experiencing the following:
  • Secondary health issues like back problems or skin conditions as a result of their breast size
  • Feeling of discomfort or self-consciousness about the size of their natural breasts
  • Feeling pain when doing vigorous activities like jogging
  • Problems in attaining an active and healthy lifestyle

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Living with Larger Breasts

For every woman who wishes her breasts were a little bit larger and is considering breast augmentation, there is another who has the opposite problem which are breasts that are just too much.

Large breasts can lead to a variety of health issues, including consistent back, neck, and shoulder pain. This discomfort can lead to posture problems, as well as frequent tension headaches either from the originating muscle strain or the resulting poor posture. Skin conditions are another common problem associated with large breasts, ranging from raw skin due to excess bra strap friction to yeast infections and various skin rashes underneath the breast.

Emotional distress is also commonly seen in women with large breasts, whether feeling overly self-conscious about their figure, depressed that they are unable to participate in certain physical activities and exercises or experiencing low self-esteem from being picked on and bullied because of their bodies.

Some women may experience a certain level of relief from their symptoms by always wearing a supportive bra, practicing special strengthening exercises for the supportive muscles or by losing weight. Many women, however, still find that these measures alone simply are not enough and these attempts do not address the emotional impact of large breasts. For these women, our breast reduction surgery combined with a breast lift can reduce the size of their breasts enough to help them feel comfortable again both physically and emotionally.*

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About Your Procedure

Your procedure will be personally performed by one of the leading Beverly Hills breast surgeons. He will take your measurements and talk with you about your appearance goals in order to make a determination about the level of correction that is needed.

  • There are several approaches available for breast reduction today:
  • Initial incisions may follow just the circular line of the areola
  • Incisions may extend downward toward the breast crease in a keyhole pattern
  • Anchor-shaped incision or the traditional form of breast reduction

The method used will depend on a variety of factors and your surgeon will discuss his or her preferred approach with you before your surgery.

After the initial incisions have been made, your surgeon will begin removing excess skin and tissue from the breast, sometimes incorporating liposuction as part of the fat removal process. The excess weight of larger breasts often stretches out the skin as well as the nipple and areola, so part of breast reduction surgery typically includes making the areola smaller. In addition to any necessary reshaping, the areola and nipple will be re-centered in line with your new proportions.

Finally, the remaining breast tissue will be reshaped and stitched in place with especially layered sutures that provide additional support for your restructured breasts while minimizing scarring.*

Recovering from Your Procedure

Your breast surgeon will apply a comfortable, supportive bandage to help support your breasts and minimize any discomfort following your surgery. A small drain may also be incorporated to help you feel more comfortable and decrease swelling more rapidly. After a few days, your bandages can be exchanged for a supportive bra that should be worn for several weeks.

You should plan on taking it easy for the first few days following your breast reduction with breast lift procedure. Although most of our patients find that they are able to return back to work after a week or two. Initial swelling should dissipate within the first two weeks as well, with continued improvements over the following few months.*

The final results of your combined breast reduction and lift will be flattering, more proportionate breasts that sit higher on your body and have a firmer texture.*

To learn more about combining breast reduction and breast lift, request a consultation online or call our Beverly Hills breast surgeon at (310) 278-0000!

*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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