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Revision Breast Lift in Beverly Hills

A breast lift or mastopexy is designed to give women a perkier and more youthful figure. However, even in surgeries that are perfectly executed, the body may not respond in a predictable way during the healing process and may lead to results that are simply not ideal. For women who want to improve appearance issues left behind by a previous breast lift, our revision mastopexy surgery at Simply Breasts can help.*

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Reasons for Revision Mastopexy

Like any revision surgery, a revision mastopexy is performed for a variety of possible reasons. Although the specifics may vary from woman to woman, the ultimate goal of any revision surgery is to deliver the beautiful results that you deserve that an earlier surgery did not quite deliver.

  • Here are the most common reasons why women consider getting a revision breast lift:
  • Aesthetics- A breast lift is intended to lift and reshape the breast tissue and often includes changing nipple placement and areola size. Sometimes the results simply aren’t as aesthetic as you would prefer. Breast lift revision surgery can give you a beautiful, natural look again.*
  • Asymmetry- Changes in the breast over time or complications during surgery can result in visible asymmetry of the breasts. Our breast lift revision can help your figure look even again.*
  • Revision augmentation- Revision mastopexy is sometimes included as part of a breast augmentation revision. If the results of a previous augmentation procedure need to be corrected, it is likely that the breast lift will need to be addressed as well. Breast lifts are also commonly included after a full implant removal to reshape the remaining breast tissue.
  • Scar correction- Although all surgeries leave scars to some extent, a well-planned breast lift should not result in excessive scarring. Some women, however, may feel that their breast lift scars feel too visible. Revision mastopexy can help reduce the appearance of existing scars.*

About Your Revision Breast Lift

The details of the surgery itself may vary depending on your specific reasons for needing breast lift revision. However, most of our patients report that their experience is very similar to their initial surgery. Regardless of your reasons for needing mastopexy revision, our Beverly Hills breast surgeons use the latest surgical techniques to help minimize future scarring and ensure positive results.*

During your procedure, you can expect that any aesthetic or practical issues will be addressed and resolved.

Your surgery may include:

  • Reshaping of breast tissue
  • Removal of scar tissue
  • Incorporating breast implants for an extra boost

After Your Procedure

Similar to your initial surgery, you can expect to feel swollen and sore at first. Most of our patients say that revision surgery is often less painful than their first surgery.* Your recovery should be similar as well, with most women able to return to their typical daily schedule after about a week or two.*

Although it is important to maintain realistic expectations, you can expect to see an improvement in the appearance of your breasts after your revision mastopexy, whether your figure is more symmetrical, your breasts show less visible scarring or the breasts themselves are now in a more aesthetic shape.* While no surgery can guarantee perfect results, our breast lift revision can help you feel happier about the look of your breasts* following a previous surgery that delivered only subpar results.

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*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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