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Saline Breast Implants

A Variety of Options Available from Our Beverly Hills Breast Surgeon

If you seek an increase in breast size and volume, you may be considering breast augmentation with saline breast implants. Approved for women 18 years and older, saline breast implants can help you obtain a natural contour and youthful, feminine shape. With over a decade of experience, Simply Breasts is one of the leading breast augmentation clinics in the country.* Our doctors and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal appearance through our affordable yet high-quality breast augmentation with saline breast implants.*

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Saline Breast Implants Benefits

Our saline implants offer a good solution for women who are unhappy with the size, shape, or asymmetry of their breasts.* These implants, with a shell made of silicone elastomer, are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. The volume of saline and capacity of the implant shell determine the size and firmness of the implants.

  • The benefits of saline breast implants include:
  • Small incisions: To ensure the smallest incision possible, our surgeons insert each implant empty and fill it only after it has been placed in position.
  • Harmless absorption: Another advantage in addition to smaller scars is that, in the event of an implant leak or rupture, the saline solution is harmlessly absorbed by the body. It is also absorbed quickly, so implant deflation is immediately noticeable and can be corrected quickly.
  • Light & less expensive: Lastly, saline implants are lighter and less expensive than silicone gel implants. They are the only option currently available for women between the ages of 18 and 21 who want breast augmentation.

Our Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants

Since they are filled only after being inserted, saline breast implants generally require an incision of an inch or less. This minimizes the potential for scarring after surgery. In addition, in some cases saline-filled implants can be adjusted after surgery, allowing the surgeon to either take out some fluid or put in some more to adjust implant size.

Saline implants can be placed in a partial submuscular position (where the pectoralis muscle covers the top two-thirds of the implant), complete submuscular position (under the muscle), or subglandular position (over the muscle). Most women choosing saline implants choose submuscular placement, to help conceal the implant and create a more naturally augmented look.

Saline implants are more likely to show wrinkling or rippling than silicone implants due to the more fluid contents of the saline implant. This may be more pronounced in women with little breast tissue and thin skin, as small ripples may become clearly visible through their skin.

Your Incision Options

Your breast augmentation surgeon will discuss the incision site for the insertion of your implants prior to the procedure. Typically, our surgeons suggest the incision type that will best suit our patients and leave minimal visible scars while helping to achieve the desired outcome. Incisions vary depending on the degree of desired enlargement, type of implant, your anatomy, and preference.

  • You and your doctor may choose from incision types including:
  • Periareolar incision- Placed around the dark skin that surrounds the nipple
  • Transaxillary incision- Placed in the armpit crease
  • Inframammary incision- Placed in the skin fold where the breast meets the chest wall

Your Procedure

After a consultation with your breast implant surgeon, in which you will discuss your desired breast size, you will be scheduled for your procedure. The surgery is performed in our ambulatory facility on a specially designed table, which can be adjusted to help our doctor ensure that the proper size of implant is used. To begin the procedure, you will be given general anesthesia so that you can sleep comfortably during the surgery. A long-acting, local anesthetic will be administered to help eliminate discomfort or pain post-surgery.

An incision is made where you and your surgeon discussed and the implant shell is placed inside. Once the implant shell has been placed inside the breast tissue, your doctor fills it with sterile saline solution to give the proper shape, size, feel, and firmness.

During the procedure, our doctors can adjust the fill of the implants to make sure they are the same size and create symmetrical-looking breasts. The surgeon then closes the incisions in the tissue with layered sutures and uses surgical tape, skin adhesive or sutures to close the skin. Gradually, the incision lines will fade. A typical breast augmentation with saline implants lasts one to two hours. You will recover in our ambulatory facility and should be ready to head home after a one-hour rest.

After Your Procedure

We advise you to rest for a few days and avoid strenuous activities. You are encouraged to walk around to maintain circulation throughout your body. After checking with your surgeon, you may use Hibiclens soap to wash your incisions when you shower 48 hours after your surgery and softly apply a mild antibiotic ointment at the incision site to avoid infection. Noticeable swelling from the procedure should dissipate within about two weeks and incision lines will fade over time. Soft massaging will help your breasts gradually settle into their new shape. We will guide you through the breast implant massage technique two weeks after the surgery.

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*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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