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Revision Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

If you have always wanted to have bigger and fuller breasts, Simply Breasts offers a viable alternative to breast implants through our breast augmentation with fat transfer or grafting. Through the special skill and experience of our Beverly Hills breast augmentation surgeon you can enhance the shape and size of your breasts and enjoy a natural look and feel without having silicone gel or saline implants.** With over a decade of experience, we are dedicated to helping you augment your appearance naturally.

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Reasons for Revision Breast Augmentation

With breast augmentation being one of the most commonly performed procedures performed in the United States, the periodic removal, and replacement of implants through revision surgery is also occurring more frequently.

  • Revision breast augmentation may be performed for a variety of reasons:
  • Asymmetry – Changes in the breast over time or changes in the implant itself can result in visible asymmetry of the breasts. During breast revision surgery, your surgeon can replace or adjust your implants to ensure a more even look.
  • Breast Shape – Sometimes breasts don’t respond the way we expect after surgery and may look either too droopy or too rigid. Breast revision surgery can correct these issues to give you a beautiful, flattering look.
  • Capsular Contracture – Capsular contracture is the number one reason why women seek out breast augmentation revision surgery. It’s common for scar tissue to form around your new implants as part of the body’s natural healing process. In capsular contracture, however, that tissue can become rigid or painful. Revision surgery to correct capsular contracture either releases the scar tissue to open the implant pocket again, or removes the scar tissue entirely, allowing for a softer, more natural look.
  • Implant Issues – Whether the problem is visible rippling or a deflated implant, revision surgery can resolve the issue. Implants can be adjusted in size or placement to address problems with visibility or wrinkles, and deflated implants can be refilled or replaced. Some women may even choose to have their implants removed completely.
  • Scar Correction – Although every effort should have been made during an initial surgery to minimize future scarring, some women find that their scars feel far too noticeable. Breast surgery revision can help reduce the appearance of existing scars.
  • Size Changes – Following surgery, some women may decide that they initially went either too large or too small with their implants. Revision surgery can remove the existing implants and replace them with the correct size to match your preference and your proportions.

Putting the Spotlight on Capsular Contracture

The revision breast augmentation surgery at our Beverly Hills surgery center can help improve physical comfort and relieve complications, such as capsular contracture.* This common breast enlargement complication is caused by excessive scar tissue formation around the implant, which may lead to breast stiffness. Capsular contracture often occurs within the first few months of the surgery and can be fixed after 3 to 6 months of the initial procedure. The revision procedure involves removal of scar tissue around the implant, repositioning of the implant to improve the cosmetic appearance of breasts, and then replacing the previous implant with a new one, which may be of a different shape, size, or texture.

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Your Revision Breast Augmentation

The surgical plan depends on your anatomy, expectations, and cosmetic concerns. Some surgeries may be more complicated than others, such as a secondary surgery that fixes capsular contracture or moving the implant placement from sub-glandular to sub-pectoral. Some women also request to do a breast lift as part of their revision breast augmentation.

All breast augmentation revision procedures are performed in an ambulatory surgery center with the patient under light general anesthesia. Our doctors specialize in using the modern revision surgery techniques that utilize the already existing scars to replace and remove an implant or breast and reduce recovery time as well as minimizing complications including the inability to breastfeed or loss of nipple sensation.*

Our competent surgeons follow a careful and systematic approach to breast augmentation revision.

  • The procedure includes:
  • Exchanging the implants for a new shape or type
  • Increasing saline implant fill to reduce rippling
  • Revising the implant pocket for improved breast implant placement

Our revision breast implant surgery is more technically challenging and takes longer than the first procedure since it requires extreme caution on the part of the surgeon to remove the internal and external scar tissue. In some patients, there are also cases where the skin often stretches and thins out after the primary surgery, which can limit reconstruction options. Moreover, the initial breast augmentation surgery may change the anatomy of the breasts and chest wall that may require corrective procedures to restore the natural appearance of the area.

Our revision surgery may take one to four hours, compared to primary breast augmentation which is completed in one to two hours. Though revision or redo breast surgery is technically more involved than initial breast surgery, recovery times are typically shorter with less associated pain than the first surgery since revision surgery does not routinely involve cutting muscle tissue or creating a new implant pocket.*

After Your Procedure

Recovery time for your breast augmentation revision surgery should be shorter than what you experienced after your primary surgery.* Like your initial surgery, you can expect to feel swollen and sore at first. Most women say that revision surgery is often less painful than their first surgery, and recovery feels easier as well. Our patients can return to their typical daily schedule after about a week or two, although this may vary depending on the specifics of your procedure.

Lifting heavy objects or driving should be avoided for at least a few weeks after surgery because such activities may cause increased swelling of the breasts. You may take your prescribed pain medication. However, it is best to consult your revision breast augmentation surgeon if the pain persists. We can prescribe stronger painkillers for a relatively smooth recovery and a life-changing experience.

Although it is important to maintain realistic expectations, you should expect to see an improvement in the appearance of your breasts, whether they are more symmetrical, have less visible scarring or are simply in a more aesthetic shape.* While no surgery can guarantee perfect results, breast revision augmentation can dramatically enhance the look of your breasts following the unsatisfactory outcome of a previous surgery.

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*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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