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Revision Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Breast reconstruction restores the shape and size in women and men with breast deformity from cancer, trauma, as well as congenital abnormalities. Based on the type of deformity, from total absence of breast as in cancer to subtle breast asymmetry, breast reconstructive techniques can deliver beautiful, natural results in a single to sometimes multiple stages. In some cases, however, the reconstruction process may not deliver the results you had hoped for.

At Simply Breasts, we can perform a revision breast reconstruction to help our patients achieve beautiful, natural looking results.* Your health insurance typically covers the cost of breast reconstruction including revision of reconstructed breasts. Our passionate surgeons and staff at our Beverly Hills breast surgery center can help you with all your needs and concerns prior to getting your breast reconstruction revision.

We can get started with your procedure as soon as you schedule a free consultation at (310) 278-0000!

Reasons for Revision Breast Reconstruction

Unlike other breast enhancement procedures, surgeons expect to perform multiple surgeries following the first reconstruction. This is due to the complex nature of the reconstruction process itself.

  • There are a variety of reasons why you may consider revision breast reconstruction:
  • Asymmetry- If only one breast was reconstructed initially, surgery may be required later on to compensate for age-related changes in the natural breast and ensure continued symmetry. Often, additional procedures like a breast lift or breast reduction may be included to correct any unevenness.*
  • Aesthetics - Ensuring positive results after a total breast reconstruction is a complex and challenging skill set. Women may not always feel happy about their results, especially if only one breast was reconstructed and the surgical version simply does not seem to match up. Revision breast reconstruction can help your figure look more natural.*
  • Implant adjustment - Breast reconstruction surgery involves all the typical complexities associated with breast augmentation plus some other unique challenges. Reconstructive surgery is not exempt from implant-specific issues like shifts in placement, leaks or capsular contracture. Revision breast reconstruction can be performed to resolve these issues and give you the look you deserve.*
  • Scar correction - Both a mastectomy and initial reconstruction may leave some amount of scarring behind. Although most scars should fade gradually over surgery, some women find that their scars feel too noticeable. Our Beverly Hills revision breast reconstruction can help reduce the appearance of existing scars.*

About Your Revision Breast Reconstruction

The details of the surgery itself may vary depending on your specific reasons for needing revision breast reconstruction. In experienced hands, fat injection techniques have taken aesthetic results of reconstructed breasts to whole other levels.* We are able to replace breast implants, fill in divots or contour irregularities, and reconstruct natural results with your own fat alone.

  • Replacing breast implants to improve symmetry and balance
  • Removing scar tissue to achieve softer breasts
  • Correct breast shape to create natural results
  • Use your own tissue to improve results

Most of our patients report that their experience is very similar to their initial surgery. Regardless of your reasons for needing revision surgery, our Beverly Hills breast surgeons specialize in minimally invasive revision breast reconstruction by making incisions along existing scars whenever possible.

During your procedure, you can expect that any aesthetic or practical issues will be addressed and resolved. Your surgery may include reshaping of breast tissue, removal of scar tissue, or incorporating additional procedures to improve the placement and appearance of the breasts.* You can rest assured that our surgeons have the same goal in mind as you do, which is beautiful, natural looking final results.

After Your Procedure

You can expect to feel swollen and sore at first, just like you did after your first reconstructive surgery. Most women say that revision surgery is often less painful and that their recovery process feels faster as well. The majority of our patients are able to return to their typical daily schedule after about a week or two.*

Although it is important to maintain realistic expectations, you can expect to see an improvement in the appearance of your breasts, whether they are more symmetrical, have less visible scarring or are simply in a more aesthetic shape. While no reconstructive surgery can guarantee perfect results, our Beverly Hills revision breast reconstruction can improve the look of your breasts following the unsatisfactory outcome of a previous surgery.*

Our Beverly Hills breast surgeon is an experienced breast reconstruction surgeon who has helped many patients achieve the results they deserve. Schedule a consultation with him when you call (310) 278-0000!

*Results from surgical or non-surgical procedures will vary from patient to patient and are not guaranteed.

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